02 — A collage from a game I made.

Pregnant on Zoom

I am 37 weeks pregnant, or is it 38, or 39? The point is that I am so pregnant that people stare at me during our one-a-day walk as if...

Personal · May 2020

Sledding in a foreign country

A week after arriving in New York we wake up to find that a white blanket has covered everything outside our windows...

Personal · October 2019

Choosing a tech job

In the last year, I quit two jobs and found two new jobs. In both job searches, the interviewers treated my candidacy as if I was joining their congregation, rather than joining them as an employee.

Personal · May 2019

Making a text adventure game

“Valdivia” is a text adventure game about ancestry, feelings and family.It revolves around an unnamed main character, a woman, who is on a quest to save her family from being torn apart...

Design · December 2018

Co-Creation as a design process

It’s dark when we finally arrive in a tiny village in the Colombian Amazon. It’s been raining all day and the unpaved roads have been difficult...

Design · August 2018